Angels Of Uranus

Are you ready to go on amazing and magical dream journeys?

Besides the potential the Archangel And Angel Dream Partners  listed HERE and the God And Goddess Dream Partners listed HERE, here are some other potential DREAM PARTNERS that you might want to consider programming into your dreams.

First and foremost, this is YOUR dream journey. If there is a mystical dream partner calling out to you this is not on this list, go ahead and add them to your list. We all have our own healing modalities, and who ever you choose is standing by ready to work with you. All you have to do is ask. Of course my book, The Dreamers Guide To the Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams, has more detailed information in it.


You can set up a tarot card spread for what you want to create (past present and future, and then either take a picture and print it out or put the cards on your dream alter.

My favorite dream partner is THE MAGICIAN FROM ANY TAROT CARD DECK – watch my video below of an amazing dream that I had by calling The Magician from Radleigh Valentine’s Archangel Power Tarot Card Deck into my dreams. Actually, you can choose any card from a Tarot or Oracle Card Deck.

A powerful dream partner could be a friend or relative. Both agree to dream for each other and themselves on any given night with whoever they choose to work with that night (God, etc.).

A lost pet – you can call out to your lost cat by name in your dreams, and ask your cat to communicate with you.



Ascended Masters


Your Spirit animal



Spirit guides


Your higher self 

A loved one who has passed on

Your free spirit


Your soul

The universe

Your current soul mate

Your future soul mate

Your inner goddess (for women)

Your inner God

Your inner child

The planets 

The stars

The moon

The Powerful Energy Of Healing crystals 




Indian Spirits

The Sky


The Ocean

All of nature

Your special tree

The Sandman

Santa Claus

Your fairy godmother

Your tooth fairy

Etc. Etc. Etc.