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Touching Hands Soul Mate Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangels Haniel and Jeremial to bring me important messages, without specifying anything specific to dream about. . MY DREAM JOURNEY LAST NIGHT I am somewhere like in a hotel or on a cruise. I have a place to stay, and it is a […]

The Asian & The Butter Dream

I had this dream a few nights ago, and I truly believe that this was about the Corona Virus, which seems to have originated in Wuhan, China. I did not program my dreams like I usually do, because I felt like I needed some good restful sleep. In my dream, […]

My Naked Soul Mate Dream Last Night.

Yesterday, I redid my Vision Board to include “feelingizations”, a term that Arielle Ford (the Author of The Soul Mate Secret) uses as a way visualizing a relationship by experiencing the feeling of already being in the relationship. My vision board kept falling off the wall until I realized that […]

Kissing A Hot Stranger Dream

MY DREAM JOURNEY LAST NIGHT Although I am used to programming my dreams every night, I have been cutting back on dream programmingI, because I have been working very hard in my dreams. As a result, I have not been sleeping as well. I did ask God and Archangel Raphael […]

My Soul Mate

Currently, I am attending the Celebrate Your Life On Line Soulfest, and I watched a beautiful video interview for Arielle Ford, the Fairy Godmother Of Love. While watching Arielle Ford speak about Soul Mates. Her meaning of Soul Mates touched my soul to it’s core. She says that a Soul […]

My Beautiful Dream Blog Has Disappeared.

Hello everyone! In the last week or so, my beautiful dream blog of many years disappeared; and in spite all attempts to recover it by my webmaster, it could not be saved. I am now creating a new blog, and it feels like a new beginning for me. Luckily enough […]


I asked God and my guardian angels to help me to get some much needed sleep last night; and that if there was an important message for me, to relay it to me through my dreams in a gentle and easy way. . I tend to dream every night, because […]

Soul Mates & Lovers How To Know When Someone Is Thinking About You

Beautiful Souls Make Beautiful Lovers. As a psychic medium and soul communicator for over 30 years professionally, I have created this special page in my blog specifically to assist YOU in knowing when someone is thinking about .  This information will prove valuable to those who desire this information for their own sanity […]

Manifest Your Dream Lover And Soul Mate Through Your dreams.

Enjoy Your Dream Journey! Click here for a Dream Coaching session. Click here for a psychic reading on your love life It is my deepest belief that we should ask the Universe who is for our soul’s highest and best good as far as manifesting the perfect soul mate or […]