Lost Love Affirmation



Here are a couple great affirmation for rekindling the love, joy and intimacy between you and your lost love;  Repeat one of the following affirmation of your choice out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day everyday without skipping a day. Repeat your affirmation in the shower, while you are getting dressed, putting on your make up, doing your hair, shaving, driving. The longer you repeat it, the better.

God is blessing, protecting and saving the loving relationship between _____ and me.

Divine love is working through me now in rekindling the love, joy and intimacy between _____ and me.


PLEASE NOTE that if it is not in his/her will to come back, this affirmation will not work. To purchase a lost love reading email reading to see if it is in/her will to return, click here.