Greetings From The Pink Chick Nudist Of Caliente Clothing Optional Resort!

UPDATED 10/3/2020.

My Nudist Life

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UPDATE – Although right now during Covid-19, it is not the best of times. I cherish my friends at Caliente Resort, where I have lived since July 31, 2003. Caliente is doing the best they can to help us all feel safe and to follow protocal. I am very social, and I just miss hugging.

My name is Linda, but you can call me “Pink Chick”. I am a lifetime member and full time resident of Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. I created this page so that you would be able to embrace and understand the beauty of the nudist lifestyle just like I do. My favorite times here at Caliente Resort are the weekends. I especially love the summers when I can socialize with all my friends in the huge lagoon pool. Caliente has a 33,000 square foot club house, and the nightclub is like nothing you have ever seen. FUN FUN FUN!

I have had so many blog posts over the years relating to the nudist lifestyle. Unfortunately, my blog magically disappeared at the beginning of the year (2020). I have just found some of my wayward blog posts on the internet, so I am slowing adding them to this section. In the meantime, watch a couple of my nudist videos.

Angye Fox Interviewing Me About Social Nudism

Angye Fox Interviewing Me About My First Nude Beach Experience.

I got my first computer in 1999, and within a very short time, I created a huge nudist website called Linda’s Naturist Place, which was getting over 4000 hits a day; however, I found it difficult to maintain both my psychic site and my nudist site, so I eventually combined the two websites. Due to the fact that I use Paypal, I cannot have nudity on this website.

One of the reasons that I kept my nudist pages is to support and guide women who feel ashamed of their bodies. I believe that all women are Goddesses. Becoming a nudist helped me to transform my body image, so that I feel like a Goddess at all times when I am clothes free. This is not only for nudists, but for women who feel uncomfortable in their bodies. They hide when changing their clothes, so that their significant others don’t see them, and they make love in the dark. See below for MY NUDIST LIFE, which somehow magically survived the mysterious disappearance of my blog. ENJOY!

70+ Affirmations To Help Women Feel Good Naked

Naked Goddess Affirmations

Youtube Video – Nice Jewish Psychic In Her Home In Caliente.


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