I am So Happy and Grateful that I am Experiencing Phenomenal Wealth, Abundance, Love and Health in my Life Right Now

It is January 2021, and I am excited and grateful that I am currently taking Mike Dooley’s 21 day Manifest One Thing Class. and then I will be taking Tony Robbins 5 day New You Challenge on January 21. In March of 2021, I will be taking Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Virtually on Zoom.

I added my 2021 vision board for all of you to see to set my intention for what I want to create in my life, because I am very clear and excited about my goals. I have never been so excited about creating a vision board. I have done them many times before, and I tape them to the wall. They never stay up.

I also have a vision board that was professionally painted on my guest bathroom wall in April of 2012 with a hot pink car of my dreams. I cannot show it to you, because there is a little bit of nudity involved, and I have paypal on my website. I live in a clothing optional resort called Caliente Resort. I actually manifested living here through creative visualization.

About two weeks after I had the vision board painted on my guest bathroom wall of the hot pink car of my dreams, I manifested it quite unexpectedly when I walked into the dealer showroom after leaving my car for a minor repair. I ended up purchasing the first car I saw (in white), and I refused to pay cash for it until they agreed to get it painted hot pink. See dreams and vision boards due come true. I still have this hot pink car nine years later, and it is in beautiful shape.


I am experiencing phenomenal wealth and abundance in my life right now, and I am financially free to travel and cruise the world.

I am in a phenomenal soul mate relationship with a phenomenal lover. We are committed life partners.

I am experiencing phenomenal travel to Cap D'Adge, Santorini, Greece, Paris and the Eiffel Tower, London England, cruising,

I am experiencing a phenomenal social life and good friends.

I have phenomenally healthy hair and scalp, phenomenal lucid dreaming, phenomenal healthy stomach and digestive system, and stronger psychic powers and phenomenal psychic business.

This time, my vision board is on my wallpaper on my ipad and my iphone.


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