Gemstone Earrings

Beautiful handmade rainbow moonstone and pink moonstone earrings are now available.

The category of Goddess Healing Gemstone Earrings will find rose quartz, agate, lava beads, moonstone and more. In the very near future your Attract Love Package will include essential oils will be part of a kit that you receive when you purchase any of my Gemstone earrings. I am currently perfecting my essential oil blends. All my healing gemstone earrings are all pink with touches of other colors . When you purchase one of my goddess healing gemstone pink earrings, they will be sent to you infused with Reiki energy. Also included with my handmade Archangel Chamuel Earrings is a special Archangel Chamuel Prayer for creating your soul mate that you can manifest your soul mate. You can also place your Archangel Chamuel earrings underneath your pillow if you choose not to wear earrings to bed. All Gemstone earrings come in an attract your soul mate package, and will also come with a channelled psychic message. My healing gemstone earrings are $45

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