This is a 300-350 Word Reading, so each of your 3 Questions will be answered in approximately 100-125 Words. I answer questions on his/her feelings for you, current and future soul mates, twin souls, lost loves, lovers triangles, singles searching for love, singles answering personal ads, rekindling the passion, channeling the Goddess for women, career, finances and more.
Ask each question in two lines or less. I do not need to know the whole story. In fact, the less I know the better.
I do not need birthdates, because I do not do Astrology.
I do not need pictures.
DO NOT overlap your questions by asking similar questions. You are wasting your reading if you do that. Make your 2nd and 3rd question completely different from the other
If you are from a country where it is difficult if your name is male or female, please let me know this before the reading.
Do not ask more then one question in  a question. This means DO NOT PIGGY BACK YOUR QUESTIONS. Some people try to get away with asking more then one question within a question. An example of piggy backing your questions:  Will so and so and I get back together? Will we get married? That is two questions.
Here are examples of how to ask your question.  What is going to happen in the immediate future between_____ and me? OR What is going to happen between so and so and me within the next six months?  OR What is going to happen in my business within the next 6 months? OR What is going to happen for me in my finances in the next 6 months? OR Can you directly channel so and so’s feelings for me?  OR can you indirectly channel so and so’s feelings for me?
All psychics are different. We all have different preferred ways of giving email readings. Noone is right or wrong. We are all beautifully unique in our own way.
I usually include feelings that he or she has for you in my readings, so don’t waste your question on just asking about feelings.
You should receive your reading within 4 days of purchase.

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