50 Oracle Card decks.
I do Channelled psychic reading on your love, sex and romantic life  with 3, 5 and 9 Card Oracle Card Readings
Please ask one question about love and romance. Your question must be in two lines or less. I do not need to know the whole story. The less I know, the more accurate I am. Example of a question: What is going to happen between so and so and me. Chances are I will also answer how he or she feels and your future together.
I have 50 Oracle Card Decks to choose from for your reading, which include decks from Collette Baron-Reid, Denise Linn, John Holland, Sandra Ann Taylor and more.There are a few oracle card desks listed below. I am also a Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader. These readings are very deep and very powerful. Through the wisdom of your soul, the truth is revealed. I will work with you to channel your soul’s personal messages meant only for you and for divine guidance and inspiration. The future does not have to be a mystery. What unfolds for you can be excited and can give you positive glimpses into a future you only dreamed about.