Emergency Psychic Readings - Go To The Head Of The Queue

For those in an emergency situation needing an Emergency Psychic Reading, look no further than Pink Chick Psychic! Receive a Love Psychic Reading from this dedicated specialist and get an accurate outcome to any romance issues you may have. Trust  her Telepathic Psychic abilities to be unwavering and insightful. Know that their Psychic Medium connection powers will deliver you the guidance you seek in this tumultuous time in your relationship.

Normal Store Hours – Monday-Friday  from 10am Eastern to 5 or 6pm Eastern. Weekends are  late afternoons. I do take OCCASIONAL Sundays off.  Please also pay attention to the head sliding banner on my home page and also the store page, because I could be on vacation.. 

Once you make a payment, email me, and I will respond during my normal working hours.  Due to the fact that I could have a doctor’s appointment, running errands, etc., I will let you know when I am at my desk doing readings. You will be at the head of the queue (first in line).