The Psychic & Spiritual Gifts Of La Madama Attunement

Unlocking third eye, prophetic dreams +



The Psychic And Spiritual Gifts Of La Madama – I am the founder – Added 1/5/12
Includes FREE Mystery Psychic Reading (no questions)



The Psychic And Spiritual Gifts Of La Madama Reiki Attunement counts as 4 attunements in packages.

You will receive the La Madama Reiki Attunement in a chi ball for you to call in and meditate with at your convenience. It also includes a manual and a FREE mystery psychic reading (no questions).

The name, Madama, is a generic term used in Espiritismo (Spiritualist) traidtions to identify non Hispanic, female spirits o African descent. There are an infinite number of Madamas. My Madama may not be the same as your Madama. La Madama spirits are souls of once living women wo were shamans, medums, diviners and healers, and they are naturally attracted to people in those fields. As extremely communicative, responsive spirits, they offer training, initiation, advice, etc.

There is one dominant spirit who presides over a host of Madama spirits:  Devotees who seek protection and sponsorship without personal communion can focus on one presiding spirit. Mediums orshamanically inclined devotees may discover that they possess their own personal Madama Spirit.


Banishing demons, ghosts an nightmares.

Prophetic dreams – especially for winning lottery numbers or general good fortune.

Embracing and accepting your psychic abilities – removing fear.

Unblocking your third eye

Become more clairvoyance

Becoming more clairsentient

Becoming more clairaudient

Enhance your healing abilities

Discover your destiny, talent and aptitude toward mediumship, clairvoyance or healing

Receiving spiritual messages


And More……..



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