24 Hour Emergency Psychic Reading – His/Her feelings 4u + Future





You will receive your emergency psychic reading WITHIN 24 hours of purchase.

I will channel your lover, lost love, soul mate or past soul mate feelinngs for you and your future together within 24 hours of purchase. You will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you.  I will also see if there is a future between you, and give you the APPROXIMATE date of events coming up between you. I will deliver the messages from him or her that are meant for you to hear-not just what you want to hear.

Once you have made your payment through Paypal, please immediately email me at pinklady420@aol.com with your name (if it is different that what is on your Paypal account) and the name of the person that you want the feelings reading on. I do not need birthdates or ANY OTHER INFORMATION. THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER.  NAMES ONLY PLEASE.

I have been a professional love psychic, psychic medium, psychic love coach and soul communicator since 1985. I am here to communicate with your lover, ex lover, oul mate’s soul, so that I can convey any messages that they have for you. I consider my psychic gifts a true blessing from God, and I use my gifts wisely.

 Are you suddenly feeling an intense energy in your chest area when you think about your lover or ex lover? Are you missing him or her at the same time you are feeling that intense energy in your chest area? That is him or her missing you, so it is not just you.  Your soul’s are connecting on the astral plane even though the two of you are not together at that moment in time.










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