JUNE PSYCHIC SALE – Emergency 24 HOUR 200-250 Word COVID19 Job Loss & Money Worries


200-250 WORDS 24 Hour Emergency  COVID19 Money Worries and Job Loss Issues. NO FEE FOR FINANCIAL AND JOB ISSUES TO GET TO THE HEAD OF THE QUE until 6/30/20. 

SALE ENDS 6/30/2020


IMPORTANT PLEASE READ – Due to Covid19, all readings having to do with loss of job and financial worries go to the head of the queue, and are done first. I will do my best  do your reading with 24 hours; however, it could take longer. Thank you for your understanding.

UNTIL June 30, 2020, you do not pay extra for an emergency psychic reading for financial worries and job issues only.

I know that we are in a serious pandamic situation due to COVID19. If you have lost your job and worried about money, this reading  will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is approximately 200-250 word  for money issues and job concerns.

With the 24 hour emergency psychic readings, you go to the head of the queue of all my email readings, and they will be done within 24 hours 

Emergency readings are very popular, and they are done in the order received.  If for some reason the volume is high for emergency readings, and it is not done within 24 hours, your number of words will increase.  No one’s emergency is more important then the other.  





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