I Will Describe Your Future Soul Mate Psychic Reading + Future


I will describe your future soul mate



It is whatever I “See” and channel. This reading will describe your future soul mate. Soul mate relationships and adventures can be very exciting.  You never know, I could pick up a soul mate that you are already connected to and desiring. 

Also included is the APPROXIMATE timing of when you will meet or reconnect with him or her.  

100-150 words

We all have more then one soul mate .

Our Souls live inside our physical body, and our souls travel from lifetime to lifetime and body to body leaving behind broken hearts and beautiful relationships from past lives that result in positive or negative karma. These soul connections are very powerful and very difficult to resist, because our souls are experiencing timeless love, which is eternal.  We have more then one soul mate connection in your lifetime. In fact we have many soul mates in  our lifetime, and many times in our lifetime we cross paths with lost souls from previous lifetimes. Our soul  falls in love with the familiarity of the other soul connection, and it brings into this lifetime the issues and karma from past lives, and then there are wonderful times when  our souls create a lifetime connection full of joy and contentment. The softness between two souls is when  our souls are communicating. Our souls could have been friends, siblings, lovers, enemies in past lives here to straighten out the karma, and in this lifetime,. Sometimes it is not easy and creates chaos, and other times it is very easy.


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