Channelled 9 Card Oracle Card Reading For your Business/Career/Finances



APPROXIMATELY 700 WORDS (give or take)




I have been a professional psychic medium since 1985. I am  clarsentient, which means I can channel his/her feelings for you, and then see into the future. I am clairvoyant, so I see images, words and full sentences (spirit writing through the keyboard).  Adding Oracle Cards to my readings have proven to be a powerful tool in doing an indepth reading. Please ask your ONE question in 15 words or less regarding your business, your career and your finances to see what is blocking your path to success,  what is influencing you, and also the future I will choose the oracle card decks that I will be using depending what oracle card decks I am drawn to for your reading. 

I own around 50 Oracle Card Decks.  I use 3 different decks of my choice, and I will describe each card that I pick and channel through them – past, current influences and immediate potential future, and I will pull more cards from each deck to go further into the future. 

Once you have made your payment, please email me at with your question in 15 words or less.  NO OTHER INFORMATION NEEDED.