9 Card Oracle Card Reading For Lovers & Lost Loves – APPROX. 700 words (3 Different Decks)


Approximately 700 words – very detailed




APPROXIMATELY 700 WORDS  (give or take)


I am  clairsentient, which means I can channel his/her feelings for you, and then see into the future. I am clairvoyant, so I see images, words and full sentences.  If your question is about your lover, ex lover, etc., I only need his/her first name, and that is it. If you would love a Mystery Channelled 9 Card + Oracle Card Reading to see what is blocking love from coming into your life and what is influencing you, and also the future, no other information is needed. I will choose the oracle card decks that I will be using depending what oracle card decks I am drawn to for your reading. 

I own over 50 Oracle Card Decks.  I use 3 different decks of my choice, and I will describe each card that I pick and channel through them – past, current influences and immediate potential future, and I will pull more cards from each deck to go further into the future. 

This oracle card reading is perfect for you if you experiencing a lot of relationship drama or if you just want a peekaboo into your love future.  Your question must be in 15 words or less.

Once you have made your payment, please email me at pinklady420@aol.com with your question in 15 words or less.  NO OTHER INFORMATION NEEDED.




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