Soul Mate /Twin Flame Feelings Psychic Reading By Email – Ultra In Depth


500-550 – Direct & Indirect feelings, intentions towards you in and out of the bedroom
Includes 3 Card Oracle Card Reading


This reading will be approximately 500-500 words, and you will also receive a channelled 3 card oracle card reading with it.

There are two types of  mini soul mate/twin flame psychic medium readings by email  that I can channel for you. YOUR CHOICE.

  1. When is your next soul mate or twin flame relationship is coming in? OR
  2. Do you want confirmation if someone is a soul mate or twin flame,  their feelings and if there is a future between you?  (Please ask your question in 15 words or less),


 First and foremost, I am someone who believes and knows within the depth of my soul that we all have more then one soul mate. As far as twin flames go, I believe that we can manifest our own reality. If one twin flame relationship does not work, we have the ability to manifest a new twin flame relationship. After all who says that we only have one twin flame. 

Are you feeling an intense emotional feeling in your chest area  when you think about your soul mate or your twin flame?  Even though the two of you are miles apart or have been broken up for many many years,  it does not stop your  souls from connecting. Your souls are carrying on a relationship on the Astral Plane day and night. I am sure that it feels like your soul mate or your twin flame  is in the same room  with you when you feel this intense powerful all consuming energy in your chest area.  Your souls are carrying on a soul mate/twin flame relationship  from memories of your past lives together. They are kissing, making love, dancing. etc. Our souls don’t know how to let go. It makes it difficult to move on. That is if you even want to move on.