Ask 4 Questions Psychic Reading By Email – 400-450 Words


Choose any 4 topics from the list of reading subjects.



 Each topic will be answered in approx. 100-150 words. Each question for each topic must be submitted in 15 words or less without overlapping your questions; OTHERWISE, your reading will be shorter. Choose whatever rings true for you.  THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER.


Attract Your Soul Mate Channeled Oracle Card Reading

Mystery Love Reading – No Questions

Messages From The Spirit Of Love – No Questions

His/Her feelings for you- DIRECT- future not included

His/Her Feelings for you- INDIRECT – future not included

His/Her Sexual feelings for you – DIRECT – Future not included

His/her Sexual Feelings for you – INDIRECT – Future not included

First Love – True Love Psychic Reading

Future Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Soul Mate Come Back Psychic Reading

Sex and The City Psychic Reading

Lover Come Back Psychic Reading

Help! My Love Life Is Like A Soap Opera Psychic Reading

Lovers Triangle Psychic Reading- Same as It’s Complicated Psychic Readings

Silent Love Affair Psychic Reading – You just know that the guy or gal in the next cubicle is thinking of you.

For Lovers Only Psychic Reading

For Singles Only Psychic Reading

Mail Order Bride Psychic Reading

Cougar Psychic Reading – Older women younger men

Where’s My Sugar Daddy Psychic Reading

Psychic Matchmaking Psychic Reading for reading between the lines on the online personals

Monogamous Relationship Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading for Traditional and Non Traditional Relationships

Rekindling the flames of love, passion and desire

Psychic Reading for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Help! I am in love with a married man/woman

Help!  I am kissing too many frogs!

Baby Daddy Drama Psychic Reading for the guys

Who’s your babby’s daddy psychic reading for the women

New Beginnings Psychic Reading for when you are starting over

Help! My Girlfriend/boyfriend is psycho psychic reading

Fairy Tale Romance Psychic Reading

Non Monogamous Relationships Psychic Reading

Shipboard Romance Psychic Reading

Entrepenaur Psychic Reading – Starting a business? Have a creative idea?

General Finance Psychic Reading

Career and Finance Psychic Reading

Sexy Goddess Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading for Writers – Are you experiencing a writer’s block? Is your book going to be published?- Anything to do with writing.

Psychic Reading For People in the Music Industry – Singing, Writing, Playing – What’s ahead.

Psychic Reading For Dancers -What’s ahead

Psychic Reading For Inventors – What’s head

 Psychic Reading for People who are in Multi Level Businesses or thinking about it.

Psychic Readings for other psychics to see how their business will go.

Business Psychic Readings for Ebay sellers, Etsy Sellers, Amazon Sellers. Poshmark Closet Sellers, Mercari Sellers, Business Website Sellers and more. 

Vacation Psychic Reading – What to expect on your vacation

Baby Boomer Psychic Reading – For women who are premenopausal, going through it and post menopausal

High School Reunion Psychic Reading – For those of you who are planning on attending your reunion

Past Life Psychic Reading

Conversations With God Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading for those who have passed on

Inner Child Psychic Reading

Mother-Son Psychic Reading – Issues from Childhood

Father-Daughter Psychic Reading – Issues from Childhood

Psychic Dream Interpretation

Help! I AM Overworked and Underpaid Psychic Reading

Help! I AM In Debt Psychic Reading

Help! I Just Got Fired Psychic Reading

Help! I can’t find a job psychic reading

Help! I am Adopted Psychic Reading

Help! I am in love with someone outside of my faith psychic reading

Body Issues Psychic Reading

Weight Loss Psychic Reading

Pet Psychic Reading – His/Her thoughts and feelings

Mystery Money Reading – No Questions- It’s Whatever I pick up.

Mystery Career Reading – No Questions-It’s whatever I pick up.

Affirmation Psychic Reading – Is your specific affirmation that you are repeating working or going to work? I will let you know if it is the correct affirmation for you or if you have to reword it or give up on that affirmation for good. If you are doing an affirmation for a specific person to be with them or have them do what you wish; and it is not working, just know that you cannot change anyone’s will



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