6 Direct Feelings Email Readings (Future Not Included)


 Approx. 100 words each. Future not included. 


 You will receive 6 different feelings readings within 24 hours of when you request them unless it is a Sunday or I am on vacation). You will feel as if he/she is actually texting you.

My most popular readings that I sell are my feelings readings in which I directly channel his/her feelings for you, and you will feel as if he/she is texting or emailing you revealing his/her true feelings for you

Obsessing outwardly in your relationships is what can ruin a relationship.  Sometimes, all a person needs is a little space. If you don’t give them space, it is a sure fire way to lose the relationship. A good time for a feelings reading by text is when you feel them thinking about you. If you suddenly feel overwhelmed by thoughts of them and you get a funny intense feeling in your chest area, that usually means they are thinking of you!


It doesn’t matter whether they are next door, 5000 miles away or even a million light years away. Time and space have no limitations in “connecting” to someone’s thoughts, feelings and intentions.  Sometimes when you don’t hear from someone, all kinds of things go through you mind and you by Giant Savings”>start to obsess. The worst thing you can do at this point is to obssess outwardly toward him/her.



Due to  volume of psychic love readings you purchase, you could receive your 1st feelings psychic reading within 2 days of purchase.




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