FOR SINGLE WOMEN – Psychic Reading- Your Current or Lost Love’s Feelings For You + Future – Minimum 200 Words


ATTENTION SINGLE WOMEN – I will channel your current or ex’s  feelings 4u + future – minimum 200 words


ATTENTION SINGLE WOMEN – Are you wondering what is going on in that crazy head of his? Is he ghosting you or just not sharing his emotions and feelings with you? Is he dragging his feet about making a commitment? Do you want him back? No worries! Pink Chick Psychic to the rescue!

Minimum 200  words. 
If you are wondering about your ex,  breakups can be very difficult.   Our souls stay connected to the familiarity of each other until eventually one or the other meets someone else.   If you are feeling an intense energy in your chest area when you think about him or her, that person is thinking about you at the same time you are thinking of him or her.
I am a clairsentient psychic, which means that that I have the divine ability to telepathically channel his or her Feelings for you + a future prediction for the two of you is  included.  
All i need is HIS first name and your first name. NO OTHER INFO NEEDED.