Karmic Location Readings By Email




100-150 Words

This is a very quick and to the point peekaboo psychic reading.

One of my expert psychic gifts (aside from soul mate and twin flame readings)  is to be able to let my clients know where they are supposed to live through specific addresses, specific streets, specific cities,  specific towns, specific countries, etc.that my clients MUST furnish me with. Are there karmic lessons to be learned where you are living now? The answers will be revealed in a reading from me. 

For your reading, please provide me with a specific address (and it could be where you live now), specific streets, specific cities, towns, countries, etc. I will channel what karmic lessons are to be learned at your address. If you want to move to a specific place, I need to know the address, name of the city, town, street, state, country, etc.  This reading is very specific, and in order to hone into where you need to live, I need those important details.