15 Minute Phone Reading – Emergency Financial And Job Loss During COVID19




My edgy, unique and powerful phone readings will ease your mind about what that special someone is thinking and feeling about you. I will channel your lover, your soul mate, your ex lover’s deepest  most intimate private thoughts, feelings & intentions towards you in and out of the bedroom and if you have a future together. I will see if you and your lost love will kiss and make up. You will feel as if your lover or ex lover is actually speaking to you. You will receive unique, powerful and meaningful messages that are are meant for you to hear – not just want you want to hear. Also included future Love Predictions for current lover or ex lover, future soul mate predictions, love triangles, lost loves, etc.  Every 15 minute phone reading comes with a 3-5 card oracle reading with powerful messages from the divine.  

I also cover issues with your career, financial matters,  job hunting, house hunting and messages from those who have passed on.

In my pet readings, I channel what your pet is thinking and feeling.

As a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner, I can also couch you through your dreams.

I DO NOT read lottery numbers, health matters or if and when someone is going to die.

 After you’ve made your purchase, please email me at pinklady420@aol.com to set up an appointment.

WOOHOO! I can’t wait to meet you and give you your reading. 




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