60 Minute Psychic Reading


Love, sex romance, soul mates, lost loves, twin flames, pet readings and more.


Pink Chick Psychic is a loving, non judgemental and understanding psychic who does warm and fluffy psychic readings for  gay relationships, straight relationships, bi sexual relationship, polyamory relationships, trans sexual relationships and more.

All psychic readings by phone come with an oracle card reading. 

Psychic  love readings for your love, sex and romance,

Feelings Psychic Medium Readings – His/her feelings 4u and future

Soul Mate Psychic Readings (current, past or future)

Twin Flame Psychic Readings

 Complicated relationships Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings for lovers triangles

Lost Love Psychic Readings

Singles Looking For Love Through The Personals Psychic Reading


Finance Psychic Readings for Money worries

Job Loss Psychic Readings

Job Search Psychic Readings

Relocation Readings – If you give me an address, city or state, I can tell you how you will feel in that location.


Pet Psychic Readings – What your pet’s feelings are.

Dream Interpretation Psychic Readings – I assist you in interpreting your dreams.


They say that the eyes are the mirror to your soul. If you choose to have your psychic reading session  on zoom, I will look into your eyes while I give you a psychic reading your love life.  

You do not need to join Zoom or download the app. Once I receive your payment, I will set up “our special room” for your private reading, and then I will email you the link with a password.



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