90 Prepaid Psychic Minutes


90 Prepaid Psychic Reading Minutes by Phone or Zoom. Prepay for SIX 15 minute psychic readings – Regular $299.70. You only pay  $209.79 for 2 days only.




As the Pink Chick Psychic, I channel my information with pure love guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies.

What a wonderful stocking stuffer this would make for someone special to you.

Prepay for SIX 15 minute psychic readings – $299.70. 

Are you experiencing financial and job loss stresses and struggles during Covid19, I will help you to see the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

Are you looking for the right career or job for yourself? If you are job or career hunting, then all I need is the name of the company you applied for, I will see if that work environment would make you the happiest and most fulfilled. 

Are you wondering what the perfect location is for you to live? All you have to do is giving me addresses of places you are curious about, and I will channel if this location would make you the happiest and most fulfilled.

Are you having relationship problems or are you separated from your soul mate, your lover, the love of your life? 

Are you wondering what your soul mate or past soul mate is feeling about you? Did you have an amazing dream that you are trying to figure out?

These psychic readings are done by is a Zoom or phone  psychic reading to help you to get through the  trials and tribulations of the Pandemic that is going on in all of our lives right now and to help you get through relationship trauma that may or may not be due to the Pandemic.   





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