90 Prepaid Psychic Love Coaching Minutes


Two 45 minute Psychic Love Coaching Sessions



Two 45 minute sessions 

I will work with you in writing your own relationship rule book for love, sex and romance that is right for you and only you.  Whose relationship rule book have you been using? Your mother’s? Your father’s? Your significant other’s? An ex lover’s? Has it worked for you? NO!

I will also give you an intensive psychic readings on your current and future love life + a feelings reading on a current lover. I will also channel through 3 different oracle card decks at the same time to dig deep into what is blocking you.  It is an in depth channelled Oracle Card Reading on what your soul needs to know about yourself in order to make a paradigm shift.

I will work with your emotional blockages and guidance in knowing exactly what you want in order to create YOUR EPIC LOVE STORY and when your next soul mate relationship is coming in. Dream Goddess Coaching – As a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn, I will teach you how to program your dreams for creating a soul mate. You will also learn the following:

  1. Learn how to program your dreams for removing blockages to  creating a soul mates, lucid dreaming and so much more.
  2. Learn how to remember your dreams.
  3. Learn about your dream guides + learn how to program your dreams with the Archangels, Mythical Gods & Goddess, Ascended Masters, etc.
  4. Learn how to remember your dreams.
  5. Learn about dream partnerships
  6. Learn about setting up your dream alter with dream crystals, dream box, etc.
  7. Learn about lucid dreaming
  8. Learn how to create your personal dream shield
  9. With each sessions, you will receive either a Dream Meditations or a Dream Reiki Healing Session to activate your dream guides and if you have a specific Archangel, Mythical God or Goddess, Ascended Master that you want to work with. Energy is sent after we hang up the phone. You may meditate if you wish while I am sending the energy. I will email you afterwards to let you know that the energy has been sent.


You will receive one free Reiki healing with your 90 prepaid minutes.






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