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Get a reading today and find out why people call the Pink Chick Psychic! Accurate, intuitive psychic readings that will amaze! Get the insight you’re seeking! If you are concerned about your pets, or trying to understand your current situation, if you are seeking your soulmate or deciding whether to stay where you are, Pink Chick Psychic can help you clarify the hints life has been giving you. Experienced and accurate psychic readings.

Choose a topic from the list. Questions (when relevant) should be submitted in 15 words or less, without overlapping questions; otherwise your reading will be shorter. Choose whatever rings true for you. THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER.


Direct Feelings With Future – You will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you

DIRECT Sexual Feelings With Future –  Your lover or ex lover’s sexual feelings for you – You will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you

Lovers Triangle Psychic Reading- Oy vey! I will need the names of the parties involved. No other information please

Career and Finance Psychic Reading – Have a question? Please ask it in 15 words of less

Creative Career – Are you an artist, writer,  actor musician, singer, dancer, inventor? Just let me know what your dream career is, and I will see what is in your future.

Online Business Psychic Readings – For Ebay sellers, Etsy Sellers, Amazon Sellers. Poshmark Closet Sellers, Mercari Sellers, Business Website Sellers, multi level businesses, and more








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Career and Finance Psychic Reading, Creative Career, Direct Feelings with Future, Direct Sexual Feelings with Future, Lovers Triangle Psychic Reading, Online Business Psychic Readings

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200-250 Words, 300-350 Words


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