Angel Mihael Soul Mate Dream Attunement

Manifesting your soul mate & lasting love



The Angel Mihael Soul Mate Dream Attunement counts as 7 attunements in packages.

Includes a mystery love reading (No questions) on whatever I pick up on your love life.

This is a combination Reiki Attunement and Dream Programming System. I was inspired to channel Angel Mihael, the Angel of lasting love  and finding your soul mate/twin flame, into both the Reiki Healing System and the Dream Programming System, because both systems together will bring powerful results.  We all want that lasting timeless forever love. Mihael brings me beautiful messages of love when I program him into my dreams.

Finding your Soul Mate/Twin Flame
Finding Lasting Love
Helps bring peace and harmony between couples
Clairvoyance, intuition, perception
Encourages you to love yourself more
Fertility and Fruitfulness
Dream Healing



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