Goddess Aglaia Attunement

Body Image, feel beautiful, sparkle, glow



Goddess Aglaia Beauty Glow Empowerment Attunement – I am the Founder – Created 11/4/12 – Incl. Free Follow up psychic reading. No questions.

Upon purchase, you will receive the manual, and the Goddess Aglaia Beauty Glow Empowerment Attunement will be chi balled to you at an unspeciified time.

The Goddess Aglaia Beauty Glow Empowerment Attunements counts as two attunements in packages.

This attunement is designed with you the “everyday woman” in mind. We all have certain stigmas and beliefs about our bodies, face, hair, etc. attached to us going back to childhood and perhaps even as far as a past life.  We complain about our stomach, our hips, our thighs, etc. and as long as we focus on ourimperfections, we will never feel beautiful or perfect. The truth is that weare PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

Goddess Aglaia teaches us how to overcome our inner obstacles so that we can let our “shine out” and radiantly sparkle and glow from the inside and out. This attunement will help you to FEEL beautiful from the inside out.


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