Goddess Lalla Attunement

Soul mates, Rekindling Lost Loves, Sexual Awakening



Lalla Spirit Of Love Reiki Attunement – I am the founder. Created 11/10/12 –
Incl. free follow up Email Reading on the important points I picked up while chi balling this attunement to you. You will receive your attunement at an unspecified time, so that you can meditate with the energies at your convenience.

Lalla Haoua, is the Arabic Version of the name Eve. She is the Eve of the Garden of Eden fame.  She is invoked for the purpose of finding romantic happiness and for finding true love.

Lallais a Berber word, which literally means lady. She is an honorific a term ofrespect for women in Morocco

Some of the wonderful benefits you can experience byinvoking Lalla are:


Finding True Soul Mate Love

True Romance

True Happiness

True Intimacy

Awakening the feelings of love inside of you

Sexual Awakening

Rekindling Love from the past

And so much more…the possibilities are endless



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