Goddess Sjofn Attunement

Powerful Love Goddess





Goddess Sjofn is one heck of a powerful Goddess, and I know she will blow you away as much as she has blown me away. Her energy is intense and powerful.

She is known as the LOVE goddess of Norse. Her main role is to get men and women to fall in love and be in love. To fullfil her role, she uses many different methods, one is a magical brew that she serves to her guests. Another one is to sing with her seductive and enchanting voice. It is said that her voice has magical qualities and it can make people forget the reasons for entering her pleasure dome-to forget their anger, sorrow, wounds and hatred. Some say that when they hear her voice that they feel like they are engulved in a cloud of joy that is impossible to resist. Their hearts become full of love, free from fear.

She is immune to all human diseases and is resistant to conventional injury. If she were somehow wounded, her godly life force would enable her to recover with superhuman speed.

Sjofn is well-versed in the erotic arts and is considered a very charismatic and manipulative individual. She also has skills in music and song.

The Goddess Sfojn Attunement comes with a 17 page manual that goes into more of an explanation of who Goddess Sfojn is. Also includes are affirmations that will help you open more of who you are.


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