Higher Power Manifestation Attunement

Have a stronger and more direct connection to your your higher power.



Higher Power Manifestation Attunement – New – I am the founder – Includes 4 Question Psychic Reading

This attunement becomes eligible for resale 7/5/10.

It cannot be included in packages of more then 2 until 7/5/10.

It is eligible for buy 1 get 1 free, but up until 7/5/10, it must be the one you purchase. After 7/’5/10, it can be the free choice. In packages it will count as 2 choices.

I am so pleased to introduce you to the energies of the Higher Power Manifestation Attunement. Your Higher Power is your inner God connection. The purpose of this attunement is to give you the FEELING of having a stronger and more direct connection to your inner God (your higher power). When you FEEL that you have a direct connection to your inner God, you BELIEVE in that connection. Once you believe it, then you can MANIFEST that feeling of having a direct connection Then and only then, you can manifest what you truly desire.


Feeling like you have a direct connection to your inner God.
Believing in your direct connection to your inner God
Creating miracles
Manifesting Prosperity
Manifesting Abundance
Manifesting Success
Manifesting Love
Manifesting an increase in income
Healing Relationships
Manifesting New Relationships
Manifesting places to live
Stronger Intuitive Ability
Manifesting Inner Joy
Manifesting Inner Wisdom
Manifesting Inner Peace
Manifesting Stronger Faith
Feeling Empowered
More control over your life
Letting go of the past
Emotional Healing
Sexual Healing
Spiritual Healing
Physical Healing
Removing Manifestation Blocks
…and so much more


Please send your 4 questions and your picture to pinklady420@aol.com


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