Spiritual Heart Massage Attunement

The Spiritual Heart Massage Attunement consists of 2 Attunements.



Spiritual Heart Massage Attunement – I am the founder – Includes 3 Q Psychic Reading

This attunement is for sale, but it cannot be resold on ebay or anywhere else until 10 days after the debut of this attunement, 6/23/10. It cannot be included in attunement packages until that date. You can have it as a buy 1 get 1 free, but until 6/23/10, it must be the attunement you pay for. After that date, it can be the free attunement.

A heart that is covered in grief, sadness, fear, anger, old emotional wounds, shame, abandonment and rejection issues, cannot feel and experience love. Issues dealing with fear of intimacy will also be able to be resolved with the Spiritual Heart Massage.

The Spiritual Heart Massage Attunement consists of 2 Attunements.

Spiritual Heart Massage Attunement
Heart Opening Ceremony Attunement


I describe being in love and feeling love is like air flowing through one’s heart.

Adults, children and teenagers, who have a willing heart and desire to FEEL love and experience air flowing through your heart, can be attuned to the Spiritual Heart Massage Attunement. For children and teenagers this attunement will help them to open their hearts and to feel their feelings. Our fears, beliefs and patterns begin when we are young, so all you need is a willingness to open your heart and let the air flow through it.


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