40 Attunements


.Includes free 300-350 word emai reading with first attunement.

Choose any 40 Attunements from my webstore.

  • Anything under $20 counts as 1 attunement in packages
  • $20-29.99 count as 2 Attunements in packages
  • $30-$39.99 count as 3 Attunements in packages
  • $40-$49.99 count as 4 Attunements in packages
  • $50-$59.99 count as 5 Attunements in packages


ATTUNEMENTS ONLY. REIKI HEALINGS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE. Psychic reading sent to you immediately after your first attunement . All your attunements will be  chi balled to you at a pace of  3 three times a week (UNLESS I AM ON VACATION). Each attunement comes with a manual.

Stephanie Brail’s attunements cannot be included in packages (as per her request).


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