Cellulite Flush Reiki Attunement


Removes Cellulite


Cellulite Flush Reiki Attunement by Manuala Ramos Marques.

Added to store 5/24/12


This attunement counts as 3 attunements in packages

 You will receive your attunement by chi ball along with the manual. A psychic reading is not included,, and you will be notifiied when your chi ball is ready to be called in.

Cellulite Flush clears toxic, blocked and unbalanced energies below the skin surface on an energetic level.Blockages occur as the result of physical, genetic, hormonal and aging concerns which can affect changes in your skin tone. Cellulite Reduction Rays©is an integral part of Cellulite Flush© and works by breaking down old collagen to boost the production of new collagen. While the Cellulite Flush© works to remove toxins.Using Cellulite Reduction Ray and Flush over time will improve skin health, tone, firmness, texture and softness by aiding in the reduction of coagulated collagen. A huge amount of information and beautiful energies.


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