Divine Blessings of Grace Empowerment Attunement


Release negative thoughts.


Divine Blessings of Grace Empowerment Attunement – Added 11/22/10 – By Linda Colibert – Includes follow up psychic reading

The Divine Blessings of Grace Attunement counts as 2 attunements in packages.

Divine Blessings of Grace connects you to the Universal Creative Source, to cleanse your soul of guilt, worry, regrets, and other negative thoughts.

The release of these negative thoughts begins immediately, and continues in a gentle, easy way that does not cause the ill side effects of some energies.

This attunement brings the great blessings of prosperity, love, healing that are waiting for you to simply open your heart and mind to receive. Once you do, these wonderful energies and Blessings of Divine Grace flow to you abundantly.


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