Perfect Weight Attunement


Balanced appetite & metabolism, confidence & self-love.


Perfect Weight Attunement – Channelled by Hari Andre Winarso Added 12/1/10

Perfect Weight Attunement counts as 5 attunements in packages.

Includes manual, free follow up psychic reading (no questions)

Hari has set a fixed fee of $55.99 for this system, and it is stated in his Manual.

The techniques for working with the Perfect Weight Attunement are very simple. The energy of this attunement supports a balanced appetite, balanced metabolism, confidence and self-love. Assists in letting go of anything, especially thoughts that no longer serve you.

Promotes enjoyment of being in your beautiful body. Best if energy is used daily calling in before bed… for a length of time to maintain this frequency. It is easy to change habits!


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