Pink Bubble Care


A gentle calming healing energy.


Pink Bubble Care – By Arganandi Titsari – Added 12/28/11 – Includes follow up psychic reading

Counts as 4 attunements in packages. Not eligible to be included in packages until Jan. 7, 2012.

Eligible for buy1 get 1 free, but not your free attunement until Jan. 7, 2012.

Pink Bubble Care is a gentle calming healing energy that working in your body for promoting younger looking and more youthful body and it can greatly slow down the aging processes and regenerate our organism. It can be used for chakra balancing and meridian activation. This energy working constantly in your body and your etheric body every time you do your meditation session.

Pink Bubble Care helps to reawaken our cells to their blueprints. It also keeps the cells’attention focused on their blueprints and thus helps reestablish the cells’ adaptability.This effectively reverses the negative effects of aging and lets us tap into our inner reservoir of radiant vitality.


  • inner growth
  • increase in your energy level,
  • inner peace.
  • brings harmony to relationships, especially in negative and/or stressful situations.
  • encourages forgiveness, compassion and tolerance.
  • may help one overcome guilt, grief, depression or the loss of a loved one.
  • It may help in the removal of fears, phobias,resentments and anger.
  • It may also help one overcome and release childhood traumasor abuse, neglect, and lack of love. Also helps with reconciliation in any strained relationship.


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