The Mystical Mermaid Goddess Within Healing System Attunement


Mermaids beckon to our adventurous side and represent forbidden fruit.


The Mystical Mermaid Goddess Within Healing System Attunement + 1 Free $20 Attunement + 1 Question Psychic Reading

The mermaid is a willful Goddess with Magickal powers. Mermaids have a very sunny side to their nature as they are loving, affectionate, generous and kind, qualities that we all wish to embody and which certainly attract positive persons and experiences into our lives. They have been known to give wealth, knowledge, wisdom and their own love and devotion. They bring us eloquence, seduction and the power of transformation. They beckon to our adventurous side and represent forbidden fruit. They teach us to allow our strong feminine identities to come to the surface as these do not have to be forbidden fruits from within us.Mermaids teach us that it is perfectly normal to allow our seductive side to flourish.

This system embodies the energies of several mermaid/sea Goddesses which include:


Water Spirit. She showers wealth for those who are devoted to her.


Ancient Greek Triple Goddess and ruler of the sea. Just as Amphitrite can moderate the winds and the sea, we can learn to calm the waves of our inner storms.


a Syrian Goddess. Atargatis’s worship spread to Greece, Rome and beyond. She is a mother and fertility Goddess of the Earth and Water. Her sacred animals are doves and the fish of the sea. The doves represent the symbol of this Love Goddess and the fish are symbolic of the life and fertility of the great waters.


Goddess of the Deep Waters of the Sea. Sedna rewards the people of the land with food from the sea. Sedna is known as Food Dish, Niviaqsiaq, Talilajuq, Nuliajuk and by many other names. She teaches us that we must delve into the dark, cold places that we fear most if we are to find the riches that rest there. Sedna reminds us that, in spite of all our infirmities and mistakes we are still worthy of love and respect and have every right to expect, and even demand, that others treat us well. She is a willful and strong woman and lends these qualities to all who ask.

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