Adonis Empowerment


Erotic Pleasures, Love, Reiginiting Passion+



The Wild Sexy Spirit Of Adonis Reiki Attunement

I Am The Founder Created 12/30/11.

You have your choice of a FREE sexy love reading (no questions) or a free attunement of equal or lesser value ($40 or less). You must choice from the attunements that I am the founder of. You do not get a free reading with your second free choice. If you choose the free attunement, you must choose at the time of purchase; otherwise, you forfeit your free attunement.

This attunement counts as 4 attunements in packages.

The Wild Sexy Spirit Of Adonis Reiki Attunement is for both men and women

Adonis is a breathtakingly handsome spirit. He is fun, gorgeous and a divine lover in every sense of the phrase. He is a deity of pleasure.



Enhance your sex life

He serves as a great Aphrodisiac

Enhance your love life

To invoke playful energy within you

For women to feel beautiful and sexy

For men to feel handsome and sexy

To bring out the passion in you

Become less robotic & more uninhibited in bed.

To discover erotic pleasure

For men to feel andBE irristible to women

For women to feel and BE irresistible to men

Freedom from sexualguilt and shame

To bring out the playful side in you


Enjoy Sex


Become more orgasmic

Enjoy Foreplay

To Become a better kisser

For men to maintain erections



New beginnings

Joyful expression

Timeless love

To improve your sexual body image.

 And so much more…..


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