Angus Mac Og’s Dream Lovers Reiki Attunement


Encourages Vivid Romantic Dreams +


Angus Mac Og’s Dream Lover Reiki Attunement -Founded By Linda Kaye 10/23/11

RESELLERS – I own the exclusive rights to sell Angus Mac Og’s Dream Lovers Reiki Attunement on Ebay forever. 

You will receive this attunement by Chi ball along with the manual and a FREE Mystery Love Psychic Reading (no questions).

By invoking the Irish Lord of Love, Angus Mac OG, in our love, sex and romantic life, it helps us to know that nothing is impossible when it comes to love and relationships. Angus Mac Og dreamed the love of his life into existance. He teaches us THAT NO LOVE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET.

Angus Mac Og helps lovers in need and in peril. For Angus, there is no such thing as impossible love. He helps true love defy all odds. When love goes wrong, he comforts and protects the heartbroken. His preoccupation is love and beauty, and his kisses are transformed into birds which fly invisibly to the youths and maidens of Ireland, to whisper words of love into their ear.


Encourages vivid romantic dreams while you sleep

Removing seemingly impossible obstacles in your relationship and love life

Brings solutions to your desperate romantic dilemmas.

Opens your heart to receiving and accepting, feeling, trusting and giving love.

Nurtures and norishes your heart to help you feel love.

Heals your inner child of a lack of trusting and feeling love.

Guides you in creating your own NEW  love story that comes to life in your own reality.

Heals all broken hearts

Helps you to have a positive outlook on life.

Brings a smile to your face and others.

And so much more…

 You can read  Angus Mac Og ‘s love story in my 27 page manual.


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