Anteros Empowerment


Requited (Mutual) Love, Transform Fear Of Being Loved



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I am the founder of this attunement, and it has a set price of $20 that you must honor if wishing to sell it..

This attunement will be chi balled to you with the manual copyright 2009 Linda Kaye.

In Greek Mythology, Anteros was the god of requited (mutual)  love and passion unions. He was also the punisher of those who scorned love and the advances of others, or the avenger of unrequited love. His brother was Eros (Cupid), the God of romantic and love. His mother was Aphrodite (Venus), the Goddess of Love, Beauty and sexual rapture. Aphrodite gave birth to Anteros, because Eros was lonely and needed a playmate.  He is depicted as being similar to Eros in every way; however, Anteros had long hair and butterfly like wings.

Anteros came to me while I was channeling the Eros Empowerment. He came to me as a healer. He showed me how my past relationship issues were affecting me health wise, and it was a very emotional healing for me. I have attuned myself to Anteros quite a number of times since then, and each attunement is different and just as powerful as the last.

Anteros can help you to heal obstacles to finding love, and he can help you uncover the true reasons why you don’t allow yourself to be loved and then work with you on a regular basis to resolve your issues of choosing emotionally unavailable men or women. Those who have walls up to love can sometimes cause physical illnesses within themselves; and for those of you who do have physical illnesses you may have avoided illness  if you resolved your patterns of choose partners you are not able to love. Love is a powerful gift of energy that God gives to us when we are born. Many of us choose to accept this gift and many of us choose not to. If we choose not to accept the gift of love, then we get into relationships of unrequited love and this is where Anteros comes in. Anteros will help you to transform your emotional blockages.

A heart that is covered with anger, grief, fear or pain, cannot possible feel, receive or give love.

After you have been attuned to Anteros, regular self attunements will help you to accept the energy and gift of love and to transform you fear of being loved. We all deserve to give and receive love.  He can also help you to let go of unrequited love.

 In this reiki attunement,  your attunement will be chi balled to you at a non specified time. I encourage you to stay in your meditation to call in Anteros for as long as the energy is flowing through you. It is strongly recommended that you pick a time when there is noone around, and it is just you and a quiet room for 30 and 60 minutes for your attunement, so you can meditate without interruption.  If you desire, add some soft music  candles to assist you in your meditation and perhaps even draw a bubble bath.


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