Cleopatra Initiation Attunement


Improve leadership, fame, fortuen, strength, and more


Cleopatra Initiation Attunement = Brand New – I am the Founder – Includes 100 word psychic reading

I am pleased to introduce you to the Cleopatra Initiation Attunement. As women, we are usually stereotyped for our softness and femininity, which means that in places that are male oriented, we are often misrepresented and not taken seriously as someone with brains, drive, strength and determination to succeed. Each time I call Cleopatra in, I receive her divine messages-as if she is speaking to me and giving me advise. When you call her in, you can ask her for something specific or ask her a question. She’ll answer you. With the Cleopatra Initiation, we can experience benefits of:

  • Inner Power
  • Drive to Succeed
  • Respect
  • Charisma
  • Seductive
  • Determination
  • Strength
  • Notariety
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Leadership qualities
  • Success in Business
  • Excellent sales techniques
  • Excellent Networking Abilities
  • Great Organizational Skills
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in income
  • Feeling Empowered
  • Being proud of your roots
  • Raise Your Status in Life
  • Raise Your Life Condition
  • Feel Like Royalty
  • Opening Windows and Doors of Opportunity


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