Cloud 9 Heavenly Reiki Attunement


Feel like you are on Cloud 9


Cloud 9 Heavenly Reiki Attunement – Experience true bliss. Includes a Free Psychic Reading

Your 2 Minute Voice 2 Email Psychic Reading will be sent to you in a wave file for you to listen to after your attunement.

I am the founder of thisattunement, and it comes with a fixed price of $20.

To be on Cloud 9 means to be blissfully happy. It can give you a light fluffy feeling like you are walking on air. It could make you feel like you are in ecstacy – sexual or otherwise. When we feel that way, it flows and vibrates through us and vibrates out in the world. We achieve more, we create more of whatever he need in our lives.

If you are feeling sad, worried, fearful, lonely, alone, depressed, unloved, unwanted, rejected or abandoned, there is no need to stay that way.

With a Cloud 9 Heavenly Reiki Attunement and Healing, you will feel like you are on Cloud 9 and “in love” or even“in lust”; and when you feel that way, you feel more happy, energized,excited and enthusiastic about life. During this time, you will alsofeel like accomplishing your goals and desires. You will raise yourlove and money vibration as well. Whenever I feel blocked financially,I reattune myself to this powerful system and things open up for me immediately.

With this attunement, you will receive a manual. After you are attuned tothis system, you will be able to reattune yourself and others.

After you have made your purchase through paypal, please email me at with a clear picture of yourself. I MUST HAVE A PICTURE TO DO THIS ATTUNEMENT AND HEALING . Through the energy vibrations of color, you will experience powerful healing energy. You will also receive an affirmation to help facilitate in the AFTERGLOW of your distant reiki attunement and healing session.

I will email you right before your attunement to let you know I am sending it.

This particular reiki attunement and healing session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes in which you meditate during the process. It is strongly advisable for you to pick a time and day when you will have up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted time, so that you can let the energy flow foras long as it needs to flow. TURN OFF your ringer on your cell phonesor home phones (if you can) and don’t answer the doorbell. You will know when the energy has stopped flowing.


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