Fresh Prince And Princess Reiki Attunement


Maximize your potential and achieve your desire – Founders Linda Kaye and Christopher Smith


Founders: Linda Kaye & Christopher Smith

This attunement comes with a manual written by the founders, Linda Kaye and Christopher Smith.

For the men, what this attunement will do is bring out the “Charm”, the “Boldness” and the “Suave & Sexy” in you and to be the man YOU desire to be to maximize YOUR potential in pursuit of your dreams on every level. It gives you the “I CAN DO” anything you desire to do in your life. It gives you that boost to shine in the universe. FOR THE WOMEN, a true Fresh Princess carries herself as if she is wrapped in satin, adorned with pearls, wrapped in fur or even diamonds. She is beauty, sensuality and elegance all wrapped in one incredible package.

For me, this attunement helps me to feel the sensuality within me more so then ever before. . In this distant reiki attunement, we will set up a specific day and time for us to do the Attunement. It is strongly recommended that you pick a time when there is noone around, and it is just you and a quiet room. Make sure you set aside about 30-60 minutes, so that you can meditate uninterrupted for as long as the energy flows during your attunement. If you desire, add some soft music candles to assist you in your meditation and perhaps even draw a bubble bath.

Your attunement will be chi balled to you along with the manual.