Goddess Aeval Reiki Attunement


For Sexual Fullfillment



She was a Goddess in the Irish Celtic Pantheon who was ‘demoted’ to Faery Queen by the Early Christians. Goddess Aeval possessed a magic harp, and it was believed that whoever heard the harps music would not live long afterward.

A great debate once raged in the kingdom of this Fairy Queen of the Midnight Court, when the women complained that the men were not meeting their sexual needs. It took all night for Queen Aeval to hear both sides state their cases. Finally she judged the men guilty, condemned them as prudes, and ordered them to perform as the women demanded.  If the men were found guilty, they were punished until they agreed to put their wives’ needs first.

THIS ATTUNEMENT WILL BE  SENT BY CHI BALL, and it includes a channelled psychic reading on what I picked up while chi balling the attunement. It will be  sent to you immediately after the attunement is chi balled to you. I will also psychically channel the important points and some future points that I picked up during  .



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