Goddess Nike Attunement


Goddess NIKE is known as the winged goddess or spirit of victory, both in battle and peaceful competition. She typically takes on the role as the Goddess of Fortune. She is also referred to as Lady Luck, and her favor is believed to be fickle and reserved for those who are known take risk.


Goddess Nike Attunement (I am the founder) – Greek Goddess of Victory

Attunement – This attunement comes with a manual and a follow up psychic reading (no questions)

I love Goddess Nike. She is awesome., When I personally meditate with her I feel like I can do anything. I can see myself walking on water, walking on air and walking in the clouds. I meditate with her when I want to feel powerful and strong and when I want to accomplish something important to me.

Goddess Nike teaches YOU to believe in YOUR own magical powers to draw to YOU whatever YOU need from the universe. That pure magic is inside YOU, so that YOU can create whatever YOU need WITHIN YOU to feel successful and victorious. She can help you in your love life, career, finances, removing obstacles and whenever you need luck. She awakens YOUR inner strength and power so that YOU can rise above and overcomegreat obstacles in your life.

Though commonly favored by those who gamble, Nike is also thought to favor those who practice reason and moderation when taking risk; however, she is also known for withdrawing her favor from those who become greedy and irresponsible. Nike is believed by some, to play a roleinmagic, particularly in charms and spells that bring good fortune. Worship of Nike typically involves the burning of candles, incense and oils.


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