Goddess Oshun Reiki Attunement


 Love Sensuality Money.and more


Goddess of Sensuality

Your Reiki Attunement to Goddess Oshun (oh-shun’) will be sent to you by chi ball along with the manual a FREE psychic reading on what I picked up while chi balling your attunement to you (NO QUESTIONS).

Goddess Oshun is the Goddess of Secrets, Witchcraft, Love, Sensuality, Money, Happiness, Service and wonderful blessings that make life worth living(if you stay on her good side). Goddess Oshun is the Brazilian Macumba Goddess of the waters, rivers, streams and brooks.  Originally,  a river goddess in Africa, she was taken to the Caribbean, and North &  South American like the other Gods and Goddesses of the Yorubaand West Africa.

I am the founder of this attunement.

Attunement comes with a 10 page manual

I chose  to work with Goddess Oshun, because I feel connected to her sensual energy and her joy of living. When I meditate with her, she teaches me not only that money is energy, but that the energy of money is also quite sensual. Actually, EVERTHING is sensual-the rivers, the lakes, thestreams, the oceans, waterfalls, ponds,the mountains.

Ochun loves to dance and be merry, but she also has a serious side. She is agreat diviner and usually her children are very well endowed withpsychic abilities, especially when using the sacred seashells or”caracoles” in divination which are the mouths of the Orishas. She is very sensual, but also very sensitive. Sometimes she can be easilyoffended. Most everyone tries to stay on her good side, since her blessings make life worth living.

Oshunwas taught divination with cowrie shells by Obatala, the first of thecreated gods, and then she brought the teaching to humans. She was atone time the wife of Shango, the storm and lightning god, as was Oya,the goddess of the winds and tempests. Oshun is also said to be themother of the birds or fishes.


  • greater psychic abilities
  • clearing up of physical and emotional pain
  • embracing your sensual and sexual self
  • being more family oriented
  • become more nurturing
  • becoming more fertile
  • becoming more prosperous
  • becoming freer amd Lighter within your soul
  • becoming more joyfulness.


  It is strongly recommended that you pick a time to meditate with Goddess Oshun’s energies when there is noone around, and it is just you and a quiet room. Make sure you set aside about 30-60 minutes, so that you can meditate uninterrupted for as long as the energy flows during your attunement. If you desire, add some soft music  candles to assist you in your meditation and perhaps even draw a bubble bath.




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