Into Me You See Reiki Attunement


Surrender to emotional and sexual intimacy


Into Me You See Reiki Attunement – NEW – I AM THE FOUNDER – Surrendering to Emotional and Sexual Intimacy – Includes Psychic Reading

This attunement can not be resold or included in packages until 8/28/10. In packages, i9t will be counted as 3 attunements. IT CAN NEVER BE TRADED. It is available for buy 1 get 1 free; however, it must be the attunement you purchase until 8/28/10. After 8/28, you can choose it as your freebie.

This attunement comes with a 26 page manual and an approximate 100 word follow up psychic reading.

I am pleased to introduce you to the “Into Me You See Reiki Attunement”. Intimacy – Into Me You See. This is a very special attunement for surrendering ourselves to emotional and sexual intimacy. When channeling this attunement, during one of my meditations, I was bathed inthe warm, beautiful, safe, soft energy of intimacy. If intimacy feels that way,how can we possible fear it.

This is a beautiful attunement honoring the works of Stan Dale, the founder of the Human Awareness Institute, for teaching me and thousands and thousands of others about love, intimacy and sexuality. He has since passed on, but his memory will always hold a special place in the heartsof those who got to experience his powerful teachings and his powerful presence. He was an amazing man. You will learn more about HAI in the manual.


  • Bathe in the warm beautiful energy of intimacy
  • Ability to Experience Emotional and Sexual Intimacy
  • Let go of childhood emotional and sexual issues
  • Let go of past adult emotional and sexual issues
  • Experience greater love, joy and intimacy in your relationship
  • Free yourself of Sexual Shame and Guilt
  • Heart Opening
  • Forgiveness
  • Experience Sexual and Emotional Euphoria
  • AbilityTo Commit
  • More Sexual Aliveness
  • Experience Joy
  • More Passion
  • Feel more
  • Ability to Fall in Love
  • Ability to Experience Orgasms
  • Attrac t Love
  • Attract A Sexual Partner
  • Enjoy Sex
  • Enjoy Intercourse
  • Enjoy Oral Sex
  • Allow Yourself To Be More Vulnerable
  • Experience Your Sensuality
  • Feel more sexy
  • Discover Your Sexual Spiritual Self
  • Surrender
  • Increase Self Worth
  • More Confidence
  • Experience Body Confidence
  • Heal, love and nurture your inner child
  • And so much more…


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