Love & Romance Karma Attunement


Love & Romance Karma


Love And Romance Karma Reiki Attunement –  I AM THE FOUNDER


  The Love & Romance Karma Reiki Attunement counts as 2 attunements in packages.

It will be chi balled to you with a manual and a follow up psychic reading on what I picked up while chi balling it to you.

 This system is about removing negative love and romance karma, not only from this life time, but all past lifetimes. As you know, what goes around, comes around,and we come into this lifetime having to learn our own individual love lessons.

 Someone with negative love karma most assuredly had past lives in which they did not treat their lovers or spouses with respect and good intentions. They could have been abusive in past relationships. If someone comes into this lifetime and isconstantly abused in relationships, I strongly believe that they misused their power in past relationships and abused their lovers, spouses, children and others. Your inner most fears, behaviors (negative or positive) and patterns inyour love, sex and romantic life are determined by your past life love and romantic affairs.






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