Morphius Lord Of Dreams Reiki Attunement

Prophetic Dreams, Soul Mate Dreams

Reiki Attunement comes with a manual and a follow up psychic reading on what I picked up while chi balling your attunement to you.



Morpheus is the Lord of Dreams  is the leader of the Oneiroi, the spirit of dreams.  The Oneiroi live in a cave near the borders of Hades. They sleep during the day and emerge at night like a flock of bats bearing dreams. They must pass through one of two gates:

The Gate of Horn (the source of sacred, shamanic or prophetic dreams and the Gate Of Ivory (the source of false illusions).

POWERFUL BENEFITS – You can read about my own dream journey with Morpheus in the manual.

Stops Nightmares

Invokes prophetic dreams

Morphius and the Oneiroi will help you to  interpret your dreams

Can be used to see your future soul mate.

Can be used to communicate with a present soul mate.

Can be used to send messages to those who you wish to communicate with but are estranged from.

Can be used to communicate with those who have passed on.

And so much more-The possibilities are endless.


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