Radiant Lights of Self Forgiveness Reiki Attunement


Forgive yourself, let go regrets


Radiant Lights of Self Forgiveness Reiki Attunement – NEW BY LINDA KAYE (ME) – Added 12/6/10 – Incl. 150 word Psychic Reading

This attunement cannot be resold until 12/16/10. IT CAN NEVER BE SWAPPED OR TRADED.

It is included in buy 1 get 1 free; however until 12/16/10, it must be the attunement you purchase-not the freebie. It can be the freebie after 12/16/10.

The RADIANT LIGHTS OF SELF FORGIVENESS REIKI ATTUNEMENT is the sister attunement to the Radiant Lights of God’s Forgiveness and Love, and it is strongly recommended that you purchase both attunements.

The purpose of this attunement is for us to forgive ourselves of all indescretions, decisions and regrets that we made in this lifetime and all other lifetimes. Living our lives with these heavy burdens on us can wreck havoc in our lives and cause years of unhappinessand unfullfillment. Calling in this attunement gives us divine guidance during our meditation in pinpointing our exact indescretions, decisions and regrets, so that they can be healed


  • Peace of Mind
  • Stronger Connection with God
  • Greater Faith
  • Joy
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Freedom From Resentments
  • Freedom From Guilt
  • Ability to maintain healthier romantic relationships
  • Remove manifestation blocks
  • Freedom From Guilt
  • Happiness and Joyfullness
  • Freedom From Self Punishment
  • Living in the Now
  • Stronger Family Connections
  • Success
  • Prosperity
  • And so much more…


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